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About Precise Business Dashboard

Precise Business Dashboard displays a centralized, high-level view of your organization's application structure, enabling you to effectively monitor the health status of all applications and application groups within this structure and navigate through the group's applications to a specific transaction, user or location showing distress. Via Precise Business Dashboard you can then either launch additional Precise software for further analysis, or forward a link to the application for next level handling.

For more details regarding the application structure, see "About the application structure" on page 18.

To view Precise Business Dashboard for an application, you must have Precise monitor permissions for that application.

To view and configure Precise Business Dashboard for an application, you must have Precise manager permissions for that application.

Precise Business Dashboard relies on Precise for Web to provide data from the activity generated in a monitored application. Therefore, Precise for Web needs to be installed and configured previously so that the TPM product can operate.

Precise Business Dashboard can detect application users and locations in PeopleSoft, SAP packaged applications, and in some custom applications like SharePoint.

Features of Precise Business Dashboard

With Precise Business Dashboard, you can:

  • View the organization's application structure
  • Check the health status of applications under your responsibility (based on Precise applications) to ensure they are providing their expected service level to application users
  • View overtime activity trends for an application or application group
  • Detect applications in distress and drill down through the application structure to locate the problem's origin
  • View more details about the application’s business transactions, users, locations, and more
  • Launch additional Precise software for next level handling
  • Forward a link to a specific application to the person responsible for further handling

Logging in to Business Dashboard

To log in to Business Dashboard, on the login screen

  1. Enter your user name.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Select the Remember user name and password check box (optional).
  4. Click Log in.

If you do not have a valid, licensed version of SmartLink installed, an error message will appear and login will be denied.


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