Introduction to Precise 10.1

Introducing Precise 10.1

Precise 10.1 is a complete Precise version, which includes and provides enhancements and fixes for Precise version 10.0. This topic describes the new features introduced, the technologies supported and no longer supported, and the issues resolved by this version.

Installing Precise 10.1

Install Precise 10.1 in the following ways, depending on the currently installed Precise version:

New Features and Enhancements for Precise 10.1

Supports new technologies and components

Precise 10.1 supports monitoring on the following technologies and components:

  • Oracle 18c on Linux and SPARC Solaris platforms
  • SQL Server 2019 environments
  • Tuxedo 12.2 instances on Windows

Improved user interface

Precise 10.1 extends the new user interface based on modern UI technologies to includes the Precise Report Manager.

This feature allows you to run the Precise Report Manager on modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and extends support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Before launching the new user interface, clear your web browser cache including all saved cookies.

You can launch the new interface on most browsers using the following URL:


For example, http://precisefp:20790/precise

For Internet Explorer, using the following URL:


For more information about this new feature, see Precise Report Manager New User Interface Notes.

Includes a new JRE

The underlying Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Shipped with Precise is changed to an OpenJDK distribution. This replaces the previously-used Oracle JDK.

As a result, none of the internal Precise java processes (focal points etc.) use an Oracle JRE any more.

Expands monitoring of Sybase instances

Precise 10.1 includes support for monitoring of Sybase instances when using a TLS 1.2-enabled PMDB.

Includes a new Settings menu

The new UI includes a Settings menu on the Applications side.

Removes support for some technologies

Precise 10.1 no longer supports monitoring the following technologies:

  •  Siebel
  • MQ Series
  • Citrix

Resolved Issues

  • Multiple issues in the new HTML GUI that were resolved by the interim GUI patch published in the following portal solution have all been included in Precise 10.1:
  • Invalid Internal wait in Precise for MSSQL resolved [PRECISE-18972]
  • Missing files in [PRECISE-19221]
  • Invalid object name 'Sys.availability_databases_cluster' and Timestamp value is null errors in load data warehouse process resolved. [PRECISE-19253]
  • Issue with the install of Precise while creating SQL Server PMDB manually [PRECISE-19267]
  • The following additional issues related to the new HTML UI have been resolved
    • Change password option is not available in the new GUI for non admin users [PRECISE-19250]
    • Unable to see graph on selecting 'All' in the app tiers table. [PRECISE-19225]
    • Precise v10 Login error message [PRECISE-19245]
    • Login button not seen in login page when the session times out. [PRECISE-19226]
    • Oracle WhatIf/ Recommend issues in HTML UI [PRECISE-19236]
    • Precise - Time difference issue in Precise HTML UI. [PRECISE-19231]
    • Databases from other instances listed in HTML GUI [PRECISE-19266]
    • Analyze button is missing in top right corner in New GUI [PRECISE-19191]

Known Issues

  • You must restart the Precise Focal Point after an upgrade if you are using remote instances. You also must start the SQL agents after the Focal Point restart.

  • When an Oracle monitoring instance is created immediately after framework installation, errors can occur in Oracle warehouse processes located under Adminpoint > Warehouse Processes. In such cases, restart the Oracle Focal Point and PMDB focal point to resolve the problems.

  • After a fresh install or upgrade, you must restart the Precise GUI service before using the Custom Portal.

  • There is an issue with injdn.dll and injdn_x64.dll on Windows Server 2008 R2 with .NET monitoring. When a .NET instance is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, a “Bad Image” error occurs. You can resolve this problem by installing the following Windows Security Update on the machine:

  • Some of the binaries from the Precise 10.0 installer appear as a threat under AVG antivirus. This is a false positive with AVG and does not cause any problems. You may want to whitelist when using AVG as antivirus.

  • The first time you access the Precise custom portal (ASD) after a fresh Precise install or upgrade, it may fail to load. As a workaround, a one-time restart of the Precise GUI tomcat is required.
    Use the following steps as a work around: 

    1. Stop the Precise FW services

      1. On UNIX machines

      2. On Windows machines
        .\<precise_dir>\infra\bin\psin_infra -multi-service stop

    2. Start the Precise FW services

      1. On UNIX machines

      2. On Windows machines
        .\<precise_dir>\infra\bin\psin_infra -multi-service start

    3. Clear the browser cache.

    4. Access the custom portal using url http://<hostname>:<port>/asd.

      If the issue still persists please contact Precise Support.