Precise 10.0 introduces a new GUI that is based on a modern web framework. It will work with most modern browsers and does not rely on Flash or ActiveX.

As of Precise 10.0, the new user interface can co-exist with the existing interface and is available at the following URL: http://<hostname>:<port>/precise

This new UI is supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers. The UI also works on Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers, but with some known issues and limitations.

Before using the new Precise user interface, you must clear your browser cache including saved cookies.

For Report Manager, you still must use the original Precise GUI based on Internet Explorer.

Known Issues

There are some features that are currently not functioning in the new GUI. These include the following:

  • The name under the heaviest transactions section in the Activity tab is not a link in the new GUI. As a workaround, this feature is still available with the old GUI.
  • Duplicate legends are displayed for Memory and GC graphs in the Memory & Statistics tab for the J2ee tier.
  • In some navigation scenarios, the title appears as "undefined." For example, in the infrastructure tab, when navigating to Highlights > VM Statistics > OS Statistics > OS Processes > Events, the bottom graph displays “undefined” in title.
  • In grid columns that can be displayed in multiple modes, there are some scenarios where one of the modes appears as, "undefined." For example, the SLA Compliance column displays "undefined" when we try to see the data in more than one mode under the monitored SAP Systems section.
  • The Text sub tab of the Recommended tab for SQL Server does not display data.
  • The start date and end date are not shown in the Time Frame.
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