You can configure IDERA SQL Compliance Manager to email custom alert messages to yourself or others. To successfully receive alert messages through an email client, configure SQL Compliance Manager to connect to your SMTP server, and then configure the Event or Status Alert rule to send an email when the alert is triggered.

To receive alerts through email:

  1. On the Alerting menu, click Configure Email Settings.
  2. Specify the following settings according to your SMTP server configuration:
    • Name of the physical computer hosting the SMTP server
    • Port used to connect to the SMTP server
    • Whether the SMTP server requires authentication to accept a connection from another computer or application
    • Whether the SMTP server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    • Address that should display in the From field of the alert email
  3. To verify that SQL Compliance Manager can connect to your SMTP server using the specified settings, click Test.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Depending on the alert rule type, use either the Edit Event Alert Rule wizard or the Edit Status Alert Rule wizard to enable email notification, specify recipient addresses, and create a custom alert message for existing alerts. For more information about alert actions, see Change the action an alert performs.

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