The following issues have been fixed and no longer represent an issue for 2.0:

General issues 

  • An issue causing SQL Inventory Manager to trigger a disk size alert only on drive C:\ when other drives also are at risk of filling no longer occurs.

User account issues

  • Users with the correct credentials and privileges now can successfully discover SQL Servers in other domains using the domain method.

Instance issues

  • Users now can group servers by SQL Server editions or versions using the Major Version and Minor Version options in the Filtering feature.

  • SQL Inventory Manager now correctly displays "SQL Server 2012 SP2" when that version is installed on an instance.

  • An issue causing SQL Inventory Manager to occasionally display an error message when filtering by tags on the Managed Instances view no longer occurs.

  • The Discovered tab of the Instances view no longer includes host servers that do not have default instances.

  • SQL Inventory Manager no longer causes users to receive the message, "Database file information not available when monitoring is disabled," when attempting to view Database Details for some instances.


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