SQL Inventory Manager periodically takes a sampling of the applications connecting to each SQL Server instance. This sampling occurs approximately once every hour. The Applications list on the Instance Details view includes the name of the application along with the timestamp of the most recent sampling that included that application.

Click the gear icon next to the application name to select one of the following options:

  • Create Application Alias - Change the default name of the application to an alias that displays in the Applications list.
  • Hide - Allows you to prevent SQL Inventory Manager from displaying this application in the list. Click Unhide to display any hidden applications.

Manually adding an application

If you need to manually add an application, click Add Application, type the name of the application, and then click OK. SQL Inventory Manager displays this item in the Applications list and includes "Added Manually" next to the application name. If you attempt to add a name that matches the display name of actual application name that already exists in the database, SQL Inventory Manager displays a warning message and does not allow you to add that name.


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