Idera SQL Inventory Manager uses the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interface to collect information about the servers that make up your environment.

Under certain circumstances, SQL Inventory Manager is unable to access the WMI counters. When the WMI counters are unavailable, SQL Inventory Manager cannot display performance information from the servers.

When SQL Inventory Manager is unable to collect WMI information, it generates an alert. The alert includes an error message that indicates the underlying problem.

SQL Inventory Manager may be unable to retrieve the WMI information for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The WMI counters are disabled.
  • The performance library is overloaded.
  • The WMI repository is corrupt.

If SQL Inventory Manager is unable to retrieve the WMI information from one or more servers, you should locate and correct the issue that prevents SQL Inventory Manager from collecting the WMI information.

When you troubleshoot WMI availability, there are several procedures that Idera recommends to correct the issue. You should perform the following checks in the specified order. If you encounter an error when you perform any of these procedures, please contact Idera Technical Support for additional assistance.

  • Verify that the WMI system is available.
  • Verify that the performance counter class is accessible.
  • Verify that the performance counter instance is accessible.
  • Verify that the Windows performance counters are enabled on the server.
  • Change the WMI counter timeout.
  • Resynchronize the WMI Performance Library.
  • Update the WMI Registry and register the WMI DLL files.
  • Salvage the WMI Repository.
  • Rebuild the list of WMI counters.
  • Assign additional memory to the WMI pool.


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