IDERA SQL Inventory Manager connects to registered SQL Server instances and their host computers to collect information.

Depending on the level of access and actions you want IDERA SQL Inventory Manager to perform on your environment, you should check you have the following permissions in each account:

AccountActionPermissions required
Windows User Account To install IDERA SQL Inventory Manager componentsWindows Administrator permission on the Target computer

To create and access the IDERA SQL Inventory Manager repository databases

  • Create Database Rights on the target SQL Server Instance
  • Read and write privileges on the IDERA SQL Inventory Manager Repository Databases

SQL Server login account

For most SQL queries




To monitor database information

ALTER ANY DATABASE server level permission or

CREATE DATABASE in the master database

For DBCC CHECKDBsysadmin server roles
LinuxTo install  SQL Inventory Manager Repository on a Linux SQL Server
  • The LInux server must be a domain member.
  • A domain user with SQL permissions on the target SQL Linux.
To query Linux Server Info
  • a Linux user.
  • a domain user with Linux login rights.

IDERA suggests that you provide SQL connection credentials with "sysadmin" server roles if you want to be able to collect all information from your environment.

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