The User Clone tool helps you create new logins by copying an existing SQL Server user and using that login as a template. You can immediately perform the clone operation through the tool, or generate a T-SQL script that you can preview and edit.

How the User Clone tool works

Use the User Clone tool to create new user accounts from an existing account. You can copy a SQL Server login across SQL Servers and keep the same access settings and specify a new default database or password during the clone. After creating a new account, you can set the new SQL Server login as enabled or disabled.

Another new function is that you can generate a T-SQL script that you can integrate into your existing work flows.

By default, User Clone connects to the specified SQL Server instance using the credentials of your currently logged on Windows account. The User Clone tool then copies the specified source SQL Server login and recreates it on the target SQL Server instance and databases. By default, the new login shares the same password, server and database roles, permissions and database access of the source login.

Use the User Clone tool

To use User Clone:

  1. Open the Idera SQL Admin Toolset Launchpad, and then click User Clone.
  2. Specify the SQL Server login you want to clone and the SQL Server instance where this login is located. By default, User Clone lists the available logins on the specified instance.
  3. Specify the SQL Server instance and database where you want to create the new login. The new login name is the same as the source login name.
  4. Select which security properties you would like to clone.
  5. To perform the clone operation immediately, click Clone User.
  6. If you want to create a T-SQL script based on your settings, choose the appropriate action based on the version of SQL Server you are running.
  7. If you want to save the script, copy the code to clipboard, or save the code to a file.


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