You can select which database recovery model you want the Collection Server to configure when creating databases to store audit data in the Repository. Typically, the recovery model is set on the model system database on the host SQL Server instance.

Changes made to the recovery model used by the Repository databases should reflect your disaster recovery strategies. You may need to change the Repository recovery model to address the following situations:

  • You are moving IDERA SQL Compliance Manager into a production environment and now need to implement a full recovery model
  • You no longer need to back up transaction logs for the Repository databases and can use a simple recovery model

Configure the model system database before installing the Repository. For more information, see Deployment considerations. By default, the setup program installs the Repository on the Collection Server computer.

To change the Repository recovery model:

  1. Click Auditing on the menu bar, and then select Configure Repository Databases.
  2. Specify the appropriate recovery model, and then click OK. For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server Books Online.

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