The Configuration Check Report lists all the configurations selected on a Server or Database. Use these reports to reconcile the differences in regards to the configurations across different servers and databases.

Available actions

Server Instance

Allows you to select a registered instance on which you want to report. Select ALL to report on all instances.


Allows you to select or type the name of one or more databases on which you want to report.

Audit Setting

Allows you to filter the report by specific audit setting. Select one audit setting from the drop down menu option. 

Default Status

Allows you to compare what the current value setting is set to for that Server/Database compared to what the default setting is for that setting. Define the default status you want this report to filter by selecting between the following options; All, Same (Same value as the default) or Different (Different value as the default). 

Run Report

Click this button to Run the report. 

Default columns

Server Events

The Server Events column provides the name of the server event.

Default Status

The Default Status column allows you to compare the Individual Settings on the Server/Database with those that are set in your "Default" settings. If you have not set up "Default" Settings then it compares the settings against the IDERA Default Settings.

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