The Privileged Users at Database window of the Configuration wizard allows you to select which privileged users you want to audit using IDERA SQL Compliance Manager at the Database level. You can audit individual SQL Server logins with privileged access as well as logins that belong to specific server roles.

To successfully configure privileged user audit settings, the Management Console must have trusted access to the physical computer hosting the target SQL Server instance.

Available actions


Allows you to select one or more privileged users to audit. You can select privileged users by login name or by membership to a server role.


Allows you to remove the selected SQL Server login or server role from the list of audited privileged users. If you remove the login or role, the SQL Compliance Manager Agent will continue collecting events recorded for that login or the role members when these events belong to an audited event category. For example, if you are auditing DML events, any DML event initiated by a privileged user will be included in your audit trail.

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