The Specify Connection Credentials window allows you to configure the credentials you want to use to connect to the target server and register it. These credentials will only be used during the server registration.

Specify Connection Credentials

The following options are available for the connection:

Windows Authentication

Allows you to set a domain\username format with Windows Username and Password credentials. This option is set as default for the connection credentials.

SQL Server Authentication

Allows you to register your SQL Server Agent credentials for the connection of the registered SQL Server.

If you want to apply the Windows Authentication option, the SQL Server Authentication fields gray out and are unusable. The same happens when selecting the SQL Server Authentication option.

Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Specify Connection Credentials

Suppose you selected the Amazon RDS for SQL Server option in the Server Type when adding a server. In that case, the Windows Authentication is replaced with the AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory credentials for the authentication.

SQLcompliance Agent RDS Configuration

Enter the Acces and Secret keys to grant the SQLcompliance Agent access to the S3 Bucket. Next, select a region, type in your Bucket name, and select your desired Storage Class. 

Available Fields

Location Type

This field displays the location type. 

Access Key

Enter your Access key.

Secret Key

Enter your Secret Key.


Select your region.


RDS does not support the Middle East (Bahrain) region.

Bucket Name

Choose a name for your Bucket. Valid access to the S3 Bucket services is needed.

SubFolders (Optional)

Choose names for any optional subfolders. 

Storage Class

Select the Storage class type.

Part Size

Choose the part size you desire; the part size must be between 2 and 50 MB. 

Temporary Location (Option)

Choose a temporary location path.

Agent RDS Configuration - Option Group

Once connected, add the Option Group details by completing the SQLcompliance Agent RDS Configuration settings. 

Available Fields

Option Group Name

Choose a unique name for your Option Group within your AWS account. The name can contain only letters, digits, and hyphens.

Option Group Description

Type a brief description of the Option Group. 


Choose your desired DB Engine.

Major Engine Version

Choose the major version of the DB engine of your preference.

S3 Bucket

Select your S3 Bucket from the dropdown list.

S3 Prefix (Optional)

Optionally choose a prefix for your S3 bucket.

IAM Role

Select your IAM role from the dropdown list or create a new IAM Role. 

Users can choose an existing or create a new IAM Role and map it to the option group and RDS instance registered.


In case of any incompatibilities on AWS, remain on the screen, select the newly created IAM Role, and map it to the option group and registered RDS instance. 

IAM Role Name

Choose a unique name for the new IAM Role.

IAM Role

Newly created IAM roles can be utilized across different SQL server versions.

Enable Compression

Select this checkbox to enable compression. 

Enable Retention 

Select this checkbox to enable retention. 

Retention Window

Input the number of hours for the retention window. The minimum is 1 hour, and the maximum is 840 hours.  

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