In SQL Compliance Manager version 5.6.1 the Row count functionality may show as “Not Applicable”. The issue occurs when you execute large query and during execution the start and the end of the SQL Statement get captured in different trace files.  Since both events are located in different trace files, SQL CM is not able to map these events and therefore displays that Row count is “Not Applicable”.

 Users can increase the time of collection (default is set to 60 seconds) to capture Row count correctly

This feature is only available for SQL Server 2008 and above.

To capture row count information, update the SQL Compliance Manager Agent to version 5.5 or above.

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager audits and reports on the frequency that users access sensitive data, alerting about suspicious behavior.

The row count feature allows users to: 

  • Audit and capture row count for all event types and SQL statements. 
  • Audit and capture row count for joined query statements.
  • Report on row count and access sensitive data. 
  • Set alerts based on thresholds for row counts, users, sensitive data, and specific queries.   

Row count information is captured as part of an audit event and gathers information from both, traces and extended events. 

Row count information does not show when capturing DML and SELECT activities using SQL Server audit specifications. 

See row count information

The row count information is available in the General tab of any event properties, as well as the Audit Events tab in the Explore Activity View.


For select statements with sensitive columns, event properties contain a Sensitive Columns tab which shows the row count value for each audited sensitive column. 


When you expand the audit events, the Audit Events tab shows the row count information in the event details. 

If you use SQL statements with joined queries, SQL Compliance Manager displays multiple (equivalent to the number of distinct queries joined) events, however, row count information is available only with the primary statement and not applicable with other statements.

Row count Alerts 

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager allows you to set alerts on row count and data access. Alerts can be set by row count alone or adding a specific time interval.

For more information, see Alert on Audit Data and Status.


If you use SQL statements with joined queries, only the primary statement triggers any alert set for row count.

Row count Reports

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager allows you to generate reports on data access, including the new row count feature. You can generate reports with the SQL Compliance Manager console and with Reporting Services. 

For more information, see Report on Audit Data.

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