SQL Compliance Manager is ONLY compatible with IDERA Dashboard version 4.6 and with limited support.

The IDERA SQL Compliance Manager Audit Event Filters view allows you to filter out specific SQL events in the audit data collected from the SQL Server instances and databases you are auditing. Use audit event filters to refine your audit data trail so that it contains only the events you need to track.

Configurations can be set up via the SQL Compliance Manager Windows Console. 

Available actions


Allows you to filter the listed event filters by status, instance name, and description. Filtering includes a Save View feature that lets you select all of your filtering options, and then save the settings for future use. Click Load View to select a previously-saved view for use.


Allows you to update the Audit Event Filters list with current data.


Allows you to export Event Filters created for the associated SQL Server instance to an XML file. You can later use this file to import Event Filters across multiple SQL Server instances, ensuring consistent filtering of specific events throughout your environment.

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