SQL Compliance Manager is ONLY compatible with IDERA Dashboard version 4.6 and with limited support.

The IDERA Dashboard is a common technology framework designed to support the entire IDERA product suite. The IDERA Dashboard allows users to get an overview of the status of their SQL Server instances and hosted databases all in a consolidated view, while providing users the means to drill in to individual product overviews for details. The IDERA Dashboard supports multiple copies of each product installation.

In the IDERA Dashboard menu bar, you can perform the following actions:

  • Select the product content you want to view through the Product menu.
  • Access administration tasks through the Admin menu.
  • Access to a number of assistance topics through the Help menu.

The Product menu allows you to quickly toggle between all of your installed IDERA products. You can customize the default order of your products in the Product menu by selecting the Customize option from the drop-down list and then clicking, holding, and dragging the product labels to the desired order. After selecting the order, click Save to save the changes.

If the product list is long, the IDERA Dashboard displays the option More at the bottom of the menu. Click More to expand the next products in the list.

The user menu, which displays <domain\username>, allows you to manage the user account (if the user has the Product Administrator role) and log out of the IDERA Dashboard session. Click Manage Accounts to display the Manage Users view with the current user account selected and the details displayed in the User/Group Details pane.

The Administration menu provides a list of shortcuts to the views available on the Administration tab.

If a menu item is displayed but disabled, the current user account does not have the permission necessary to perform the associated function.

The Help menu provides links to helpful areas such as the IDERA Knowledge Base or the IDERA Customer Support.

The IDERA Dashboard is comprised of the following tabs:





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