The Alert Actions tab of the New Status Alert wizard allows you to select the action you want this alert rule to perform when the IDERA SQL Compliance Manager status matches the specified criteria. Depending on the actions you select, SQL Compliance Manager writes an alert message to the application event log and email it to a specific email address or distribution list. You can use the default alert message or customize it to display the information you need most.

To successfully use email notification, ensure SQL Compliance Manager is configured to connect to your mail server. For more information about using email notifications, see the Configure Email Settings window.

Available actions

Select alert action

Allows you to select whether you want an alert message to be generated when this alert is triggered. You can configure an alert message to be written to the application event log and emailed to a specific address or distribution list. SQL Compliance Manager uses the same alert message content for the event log entry and email notification.

Edit rule details

Allows you to specify one or more of the following attributes, depending on the alert action you selected:

      • Content of the alert message
      • Type of event log entry that should be written (Warning, Error, Information)
      • Addresses to which the alert message should be emailed

The rule details pane also allows you to change your specified alert rule criteria at any time as you create your new alert rule. As you specify criteria using the New Status Alert Rule wizard, the rule details grows to include these additional settings. To edit previously set criteria, click the corresponding setting.

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