The SQL Compliance Manager Agent Trace Directory window allows you to change the location of the agent trace directory. The SQL Compliance Manager Agent temporarily stores collected SQL Server events in the trace directory until the files can be sent to the Collection Server. To optimize performance, consider specifying a directory that is not located on the local disk drive that hosts the databases of the audited SQL Server instance.

If you specify a different directory path, ensure the SQL Compliance Manager Agent Service account has read, write, and delete privileges on that folder. IDERA SQL Compliance Manager does not change the security settings on existing folders.

If you are auditing a virtual SQL Server, ensure the specified folder is located on a shared data disk for the selected virtual SQL Server. SQL Compliance Manager applies this change to the active node in the cluster hosting the virtual SQL Server. SQL Compliance Manager Agent properties are later replicated from the active node to the passive nodes.

To change the trace directory, type the path of the preferred trace directory location, and then click OK.

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