The Specify CLR Trigger Directory window lets you specify which folder should be used to store the CLR trigger assembly files required to audit before and after data. These assemblies are created by IDERA SQL Compliance Manager when you enable before-after auditing for a specific SQL Server database. The SQL Compliance Manager Agent uses the CLR trigger to collect the before and after values of a database object affected by an audited DML event.

Because you are auditing databases hosted by instances running on Windows server cluster nodes, the CLR trigger assemblies must be associated with the same cluster resource group as the audited SQL Server so that before-after auditing can continue when a failover occurs. Thus, the specified folder must be located on a shared data disk for the specified virtual SQL Server. Ensure you specify the same directory path for each node in the cluster hosting the virtual SQL Server.

For each audited instance, specify the folder where the SQL Compliance Manager Agent should store CLR trigger assembly files, and then click OK.

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