IDERA SQL Compliance Manager supports auditing a virtual SQL Server instance including the local instance on a cluster running the Collection Server. Use the following checklist to help you deploy and configure SQL Compliance Manager in a clustered environment.

Follow these steps ...

Install SQL Compliance Manager.

Identify which virtual SQL Server instances you want to audit.

Identify which cluster nodes host each virtual SQL Server instance. Make sure that you identify the currently active node as well as any passive nodes in the same cluster.
On each cluster node, open port 5200 for SQLcompliance Agent communication.
For each cluster node, identify the folder you want to use for the SQLcompliance Agent trace directory. If a cluster node hosts more than one virtual SQL Server instance , identify a trace directory for each additional instance you want to audit.
For each cluster node, identify the account you want to use for the SQLcompliance Agent Service. Verify that this account can access the computer where you installed the Collection Server. Also make sure that this account belongs to the Administrators group on each node. Review the SQLcompliance Agent Service permission requirements.

Deploy the SQLcompliance Agent to each cluster node using the Cluster Configuration setup program.

Add the SQLcompliance Agent Service on each cluster node using the Cluster Configuration Console.

Register the SQLcompliance Agent Service as a generic service using the Microsoft Cluster Administrator tool.

Register each virtual SQL Server instance with SQL Compliance Manager using the Management Console. Note that you must choose manual deployment for the SQLcompliance Agent.

Specify the SQL Server events you want to audit on each registered virtual SQL Server instance using the Management Console.

Run SQL Compliance Manager. Use report cards and the Audit Events tab to ensure you are auditing the correct SQL Server events.

SQL Compliance Manager audits all activity on your server. Learn more > >

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