IDERA SQL Compliance Manager allows you to manage registered and monitored instances from the Administration tab.

In order to manage an instance, access, and edit its details:

  1. Click on Manage SQL Server Instances
  2. Select a SQL Server Instance and click on Edit
  3. SQL Compliance Manager displays the Edit Instance Properties window
  4. You can edit the following information:
    1. Instance Details and Ownership
      1. Specify an Owner of the SQL Server Instance 
      2. Select a Location of the SQL Server Instance
      3. Add any Comments on the SQL Server Instance
    2. Data Collection Settings
      1. Set a Collection Interval in minute(s) or day(s)
      2. Set a number of days to Keep Data for  
    3. Credentials  
      Specify an account to gather instance information. The Account Type can be one of the following:
      1. Windows User account
      2. SQL Compliance Manager service account
      3. SQL Server Login account 

      Set the appropriate Login and Password for the option you chose and click Save.

      Test Credentials to make sure the information entered is correct and allow SQL Compliance Manager to gather data for instances without any issue.

SQL Compliance Manager audits all activity on your server. Learn more > >

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