The Activity Log tab lists events and alerts initiated by the IDERA SQL Compliance Manager components, allowing you to monitor SQL Compliance Manager operations and diagnose issues.

Available actions

View activity details

To view detailed information about a particular event, double-click the event entry in the Activity Log. For more information, see Activity Log Properties window

View system alerts

To view detailed information about a system alert, double-click the event entry in the Activity Log. SQL Compliance Manager generates the following types of system alerts.

System AlertCaused by ...Resolves when ...
Agent Configuration ErrorError saving the SQL Compliance Manager Agent configuration file (.bin)
Error loading the new configuration
File is successfully saved
SQL Compliance Manager Agent configuration is successfully updated
Collection Service Connection ErrorCollection Server is offline or the SQL Server instance hosting the Repository is offlineConnection to the collection service is established
CLR ErrorError when enabling CLR, creating or modifying the before-after data trigger, or performing a health checkSQL Compliance Manager Agent configuration update or health check is successful
Server Connection ErrorError when connecting to the audited instances, due to invalid permissions or the offline SQL Server instanceConnection is established
SQL Trace ErrorError when starting or stopping the audit tracesAudit traces are started or stopped
Trace Directory ErrorError when creating trace directory or when reaching the maximum size allocated for the trace directoryTrace directory is created or the trace files are transferred to the Collection Server for processing

Page through activities

Allows you to page through the list of activities. Use the previous and next arrows to navigate from page to page, up and down the list.


Allows you to filter the listed activities by time span (for example, last seven days).

Enable Groups

Allows you to group activities by a specific property, such as the computers on which the activities occurred or the times the activities occurred. Enable groups when you want to sort the activities or focus on a particular activity attribute.


Allows you to update the activity list with current data.

Available columns


Provides the date that the event occurred.


Provides the time that the event occurred.

SQL Server 

Provides the name of the SQL Server instance, using the format SQLServerName\InstanceName.


Provides the type of event that occurred.


Displays the first line of the event details.

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