The General tab of the Archive Properties window provides the basic properties for the selected archive database. You can specify a different display name or description.

Available fields

SQL Server

Provides the name of the SQL Server instance whose audit data the selected archive contains. This field uses the format SQLServerName\InstanceName.

Display Name

Allows you to specify the name you want the Management Console to use when referencing this archive database. By default, the archive name reflects the archive frequency (quarter, month, year) you specified when setting the archive preferences. Consider updating the name to include the type of audit data the archive contains, such as Houston Sales Logins 2017 Q2.


Allows you to specify a description for the selected archive. By default, the archive description reflects the archive preferences you set. Consider updating the description to include more information about the type of audit data the archive contains, such as All attempted logins (failed and successful) on Houston Sales db for the 2017 Q2 period.

Archive database summary

Database Name

Provides the name of selected archive database. This name is automatically generated using the naming conventions you specified in your archive preferences.

Event Time Span

Provides the date and time of the first and last events stored in this archive database.

Database Integrity

Indicates whether the last integrity check performed on this archive database passed or failed.

Last Integrity Check

Provides the date and time an integrity check was last performed on this archive database.

Last Integrity Check Result

Summarizes the results of the last integrity check, such as Passed or Problems found and marked in audit data.

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