You can assign IDERA SQL Compliance Manager permissions to any login. When you assign permissions, SQL Compliance Manager applies the appropriate SQL Server privileges to the login. For more information, see Available login permissions.

Because you are granting SQL Server privileges, applying permissions to a login also applies the same permissions in SQL Server. You can assign login permissions when you create a login, or modify permissions for existing logins. The following procedure allows you to modify permissions for existing logins.

To assign SQL Compliance Manager permissions:

  1. Select Logins in the Administration tree.
  2. Select the login you would like to assign permissions to in the list and click View Login Properties.
  3. On the General tab, select the appropriate permissions.
  4. If your internal security policies require more granular access control , use the Database Access tab to select the appropriate permissions on each database and the Report Access tab to select appropriate permission on each report. 
  5. Click OK.

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