Attaching an archive allows you to view audited events that moved to an archive database. When you attach an archive, the Collection Server loads the database so you can view and report on the events. The audited events remain in the archive database, allowing you to manage the archived events without impacting the Repository databases.

By default, IDERA SQL Compliance Manager automatically attaches an archive when creating the corresponding database. If you do not report on audit data contained in an archive, consider detaching the archive to prevent unwanted access. When you detach an archive, SQL Compliance Manager continues to audit the associated SQL Server instance and databases.

When you attach an archive database generated with an earlier version of SQL Compliance Manager, you can choose whether to update the database now or schedule a time off-hours. Updating the archive database allows you to take advantage of performance enhancements, such as optimized indexes.

To attach archives:

  1. In the Explore Activity Tree, select the SQL Server instance to which you want to attach an archive.
  2. On the menu bar, click File > Attach Archive Database.
  3. Specify the appropriate settings, and then click OK.

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