The Change Log tab lists changes and events initiated through the Management Console and the Collection Server, allowing you to monitor IDERA SQL Compliance Manager operations and diagnose issues.

Available actions

Page through activities

Allows you to page through the list of activities. Use the previous and next arrows to navigate from page to page, up and down the list.


Allows you to filter the listed activities by time span (for example, last seven days).

Enable Groups

Allows you to group activities by a specific property, such as the computers on which the activities occurred or the times the activities occurred. Enable groups when you want to sort the activities or focus on a particular activity attribute.


Allows you to update the activity list with current data.

Available columns


Provides the date that the event occurred.


Provides the time that the event occurred.


Provides the type of event that occurred.


Provides the name of the user who applied the change, using the format DomainName\LogonName.

SQL Server

Provides the name of the SQL Server instance, using the format SQLServerName\InstanceName.


Provides the text description of this event.

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