The Databases tab of the Configure Repository Databases window allows you to view the status of your Repository databases and update event and attached archive databases created by earlier versions of IDERA SQL Compliance Manager.

Available actions

Edit Schedule

Allows you to change the specified scheduled for Repository maintenance activities such as rebuilding indexes.

Update indexes now

Allows you to update archive and event databases generated with earlier versions of SQL Compliance Manager. Updating the databases applies optimized indexes that improve the Management Console performance.

To update the databases, select the appropriate database, and then click Update Now. Be aware that this update process requires free disk space, may be resource-intensive, and may take some time to complete. Consider performing database updates during non-peak hours.

Available fields

Database Name

Provides the name of an individual Repository database.


Indicates the type of database, such as an event database or an archive database.


Indicates whether a Repository database should be updated to use the optimized indexes.

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