You can configure how the SQL Compliance Manager Agent manages trace files. These settings include file size thresholds and how often the SQL Compliance Manager Agent calls the Collection Server with a heartbeat.

If you specify a different location for the trace directory, ensure the SQL Compliance Manager Agent Service account has read and write privileges on that folder. IDERA SQL Compliance Manager does not change the security settings on existing folders.

If you are auditing a virtual SQL Server, ensure the specified folder is located on a shared data disk for the specified virtual SQL Server. SQL Compliance Manager applies this change to the active node in the cluster hosting the virtual SQL Server. SQL Compliance Manager Agent properties are later replicated from the active node to the passive nodes.

To configure how the SQL Compliance Manager Agent manages trace files:

  1. Navigate to Registered SQL Servers in the Administration tree.
  2. Select the SQL Server instance that hosts the SQL Compliance Manager Agent you want to check.
  3. On the Agent menu, click Agent Properties.

    If you want to …Use this tab …
    Change heartbeat intervalGeneral
    Change logging levelGeneral
    Configure trace collection settingsTrace Options
    Limit trace directory sizeTrace Options
    Review agent status, version, and last heartbeat timeGeneral
    Review current trace directory pathTrace Options
    Review how the agent was deployed on this SQL Server instanceDeployment
    Review which SQL Server instances the agent auditsSQL Servers
    Set how long the agent can run unattendedTrace Options
    Set how long the agent waits before restarting a SQL trace that is stopped, modified, paused, or deletedTrace Options
    Verify agent service accountDeployment
  4. If you want to designate a different folder for the SQL Compliance Manager Agent trace directory, complete the following steps.
    1. On the Agent menu, click Change Trace Directory.
    2. Specify the path for the new agent trace directory location.
  5. Click OK.

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