The Event Views window allows you to configure how the IDERA SQL Compliance Manager Management Console displays events in the Audited Events tab. You can also sort events by age, time period, or user by using the event filter provided on the view.

Specify the appropriate value for each setting, and then click OK.

Available actions

Restore Defaults

Allows you to restore the console settings to the default values.

Available fields

Event time display

Allows you specify which local time (SQL Server computer time or current system time) the Management Console should use to display event times. By default, the Management Console uses the current system time.

Event view limits

Allows you to specify how you want the Management Console to load events in a view, such as the Audited Events tab. You can configure the view page size (how many events are displayed on a single "page" of the view). You can improve Management Console performance by specifying smaller page sizes.

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