The Data Change tab of the Event Properties window allows you to review how column values changed as a result of the selected event.

This tab is available only when you are collecting before and after data. For more information about collecting before and after data, see Audited Database Properties window - Before-After Data tab.

To scroll from one event to the next, use the up and down arrows.

To copy the event details to another application, click Copy. This action copies the event details to your clipboard, allowing you to paste the contents into another application such as Microsoft Word.

Available columns

Row #

Provides the ordered number of the change in the data change set. For example, a DML operation results in seven rows changing. In the Row # field, these rows are numbered 1-7 in the order in which each change occurred. You can limit the number of recorded changes for a given operation in the Configure Table Auditing window.

Primary Key

Provides the name of the column that uniquely identifies this table. For more information about primary keys, see Microsoft Books Online.

Column Name

Provides the name of the column affected by the event.

Before Data

Provides the value before this column changed.

After Data

Provides the value after this column changed.

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