As a database administrator, you need a comprehensive and easy-to-use auditing and reporting solution that helps ensure continuous compliance while protecting the integrity of your audit data and SQL Server environment. IDERA SQL Compliance Manager is specifically designed to meet these requirements. SQL Compliance Manager helps you meet multiple goals, whether you are fulfilling the requirements of internal auditors or simply need to feel comfortable with your database security model.

Ensure continuous compliance

SQL Compliance Manager goes beyond traditional auditing approaches by providing monitoring and auditing of all data access, updates, data structure modifications, and changes to security permissions. The audit data captured is stored in a central Repository for reporting, querying, and analysis.

You can easily configure SQL Compliance Manager to audit only the events you need to track. This flexibility ensures you have a continuous stream of audit data to ensure continual compliance with internal and external security standards.

Achieve low overhead data collection

SQL Compliance Manager employs an efficient, low overhead data collection technology. A light agent monitors the SQL Server trace data stream, collects the audit data, and sends it back to the Repository. You can configure the type and detail of audit data you want to collect on an individual SQL Server instance or database. No changes to applications or production databases are required.

Leverage powerful reporting and analytics

SQL Compliance Manager is the only solution that provides secure and comprehensive reporting on and analysis of your audit data. SQL Compliance Manager provides many pre-defined reports that you can immediately use to track audited events. SQL Compliance Manager also leverages the flexibility and power of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (Reporting Services). Through Reporting Services, you can modify the pre-defined reports or create custom reports that meet your specific auditing needs.

Protect integrity of audited data

SQL Compliance Manager leverages your existing SQL Server security model to enforce data access. You can easily and securely control who has the ability to configure, view, or report on audit data. SQL Compliance Manager integrates with and conforms to your internal security policies, allowing granular access control at the database level.

SQL Compliance Manager is engineered to provide a trusted, immutable source of audit data. Its powerful self-auditing features ensure that you are alerted to any changes to data collection settings or attempts to tamper with the audit data repository.

Realize rapid deployment and scalability

With DynamicDeployment™ technology, a light agent is dynamically deployed to the specific SQL Server instances you want to audit. This approach enables you to configure and deploy SQL Compliance Manager in minutes. There is no need to perform time-consuming software installs on each target server. The agent eliminates risk and increases performance by running as a separate process outside the SQL Server process space.

SQL Compliance Manager is specifically designed to support large SQL Server installations. SQL Compliance Manager scales from auditing a single SQL Server instance to thousands of SQL servers around the globe, from databases with only a few tables to databases with thousands of tables and large volumes of data.

Satisfy regulation requirements

When a user accesses sensitive data or when breach occurs, SQL Compliance Manager identifies the content of the event including the date, time, data accessed, and by whom, providing a clear audit trail and alerting those individuals who may need to take action.

SQL Compliance Manager provides comprehensive reporting to satisfy audit requirements with regulatory and data security rules such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. SQL Compliance Manager audits all SQL Server activity including login access (successful/failed) and permission activity, and provides tracking reports to help you detect abnormal access to the data. All SQL Compliance Manager audit data is stored in a tamper-proof repository.

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