The Import Sensitive Columns window allows you to import a list of sensitive columns from a .csv file to speed the process of configuring your sensitive column auditing. Note that the .csv file must have a row for each database you want to add for sensitive column auditing. The first row value must be the database name, the second value must be the table name followed by values for table's column names. If a row has only two values, first for database name and second for table name, all the columns will be selected for sensitive columns. A row with only one value is invalid and will be ignored. See the following examples:

Database1, Table1, Column1, Column2 (Valid Row)

Database2, Table2 (Valid Row)

Database3 (Invalid Row)

You can access this window from the Instance Details view by selecting Import Sensitive Columns from the drop-down list available below the Audited Databases section.

Importing Sensitive Columns from .CSV

To import a .csv file containing sensitive column search details:

  1. Click Browse to search for and then select the .csv file you want to import.
  2. Check the table columns you want to include as sensitive columns and uncheck those table columns you want to ignore.
  3. Click OK to import the file.

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