As you configure or modify audit settings for your SQL Server instances, you may want to apply the same settings across multiple SQL Server instances in your environment. You can import audit settings through previously exported XML files, allowing you to:

  • Use previously configured audit settings as a baseline, or template, you deploy to multiple instances and databases so that the same events are audited across your environment
  • Ensure all SQL Server databases used by regulated applications, such as SAP, are consistently audited and held to the same level of compliance
  • Streamline and automate your configuration workflow

If a user is assigned privileged status as part of the alert rule you are importing, and that user does not yet exist in the environment you are importing to, the privileged user status will apply if the user is ever added to your environment.

Auditing the same events across multiple instances and databases

You can import previously configured audit settings to use as a baseline, or template. By deploying this baseline to multiple instances and databases, you can ensure the same events are audited across your environment.

To audit the same events across multiple instances or databases follow the wizard steps below:

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