IDERA Dashboard tags help you organize and manage instances and databases within your environment. Created and updated are available to use with the IDERA SQL products.     

You can add, view, edit, and delete tags and their associated instances and databases.

Click Manage Tags in the Administration tab to display the configuration window.

Global tags are managed only through the IDERA Dashboard.

Adding, editing, and removing a tag

To add a tag and assign it to a specific instance and/or database, click Add Tag, type all required information, and click Save.  

To edit an existing tag, select one from the list, make all necessary changes, and click Save

To remove a tag, select one from the list, and click Delete tag. The IDERA Dashboard displays a confirmation dialog, click Yes to delete the tag.  

You can search tags using filters by clicking on Options next to the Search box. Available filters are:

  • Product
  • Instance
  • Database

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