The SQL Server Event Type tab allows you to specify on which type of SQL Server event you want to alert.

Available actions

Select type of event that triggers this alert

Allows you to select the SQL Server event type that should trigger this alert. When the Collection Server processes an audited event that matches the specified event type, the alert rule is run to see whether the identified event matches the other alert rule criteria.

You can also select a specific event or a user defined event. A specific event can be any supported SQL Server event that occurs at the server or database level. A user defined event is a custom event you create and track using the sp_trace_generateevent stored procedure.

Edit rule details

Allows you to change your specified alert rule criteria at any time as you create your new alert rule. As you specify criteria using the New Event Alert Rule wizard, the rule details grows to include these additional settings. To edit previously set criteria, click the corresponding setting.

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