The Finish Status Alert Rule tab of the New Status Alert wizard allows you to specify a name for the new alert rule, review the rule details, and then click Finish. When you finish this wizard, IDERA SQL Compliance Manager enables the alert rule and begins applying your alert criteria against status updates about the specified product component.

If you want to change a setting now, use the rule details pane. You can also change alert rule settings later using the Edit Status Alert Rule wizard.

Available actions

Specify rule name

Allows you to name your alert rule. Consider using a unique name that reflects the purpose of the alert.

Specify alert level

Allows you to set the severity alerts generated by this rule should have. SQL Compliance Manager tallies the alerts by severity on the Audited SQL Servers Summary tab.

Specify rule description

Allows you to provide a description for this alert rule. Consider including detailed information that can help you diagnose issues later.

Enable rule now

Indicates that you want SQL Compliance Manager to begin monitoring the product component status using this alert rule criteria immediately after you finish creating the rule. By default, all alert rules are enabled upon creation.

Review rule details

Allows you to change your specified alert rule criteria before applying your new alert rule. To edit previously set criteria, click the corresponding setting.

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