IDERA SQL Compliance Manager allows you to verify the integrity of your audit data. This integrity check runs a validation algorithm that determines whether data in your Repository and archive databases is added, deleted, or modified since the last verification. The integrity check analyzes all collected events as well as additional data for Before-After and Sensitive Column auditing.

Use this integrity check to help ensure your audit data is not compromised. Consider running an integrity check on a routine basis, depending on the volume or sensitivity of your audit data.

When you run an integrity check, SQL Compliance Manager logs the event in the Change Log.

You can also run an integrity check using the command line interface. For more information about integrity checks, see Use the CLI to verify audit data integrity.

To verify audit data integrity:

  1. Select Check Repository Integrity from the Auditing drop-down.
  2. Select the Repository on which you want to run an integrity check, and then click Check.
  3. Review the integrity status. If your audit data fails the integrity check, decide whether you want to mark each compromised event in the audit data. Marking these events changes the event class to reflect the type of compromise (event inserted, modified, deleted) and changes the event category to Integrity Check. For more information about integrity checks, see the help topic for the corresponding window.

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