Welcome to IDERA SQL Schema Compare, the tool of choice for thousands of SQL Server DBAs and developers around the globe. Identifying schema differences between two SQL Server databases and synchronizing those schemas is easy, fast, and safe with IDERA SQL Schema Compare.

This release IDERA SQL Schema Compare is built on top of a new, robust, efficient and scalable comparison framework. It supports all versions of on-premise SQL Server from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2017*, as well as Azure v11 and v12.

Please direct any questions, comments and suggestions about the IDERA SQL Schema Compare to support@idera.com.

* Both schema and data compare can compare and synchronize SQL Server 2017 databases. The new features, added on SQL Server 2017, are not supported. They will be included in a future release of the comparison toolset.

Total compare from data to schema with IDERA SQL Comparison Toolset. Learn more > >

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