Identifying the data differences between two databases helps you as a DBA/Developer in many ways but often your job does not end there - you need to migrate those changes from one database to another. IDERA SQL Data Compare allows you to do just that - after comparing the contents of two databases you can use it to generate the synchronization script - a T-SQL script that will update the target database (or just the selected tables/rows) to make it the same as the source database.

The data synchronization operation consists of three key actions:

  • Update. All rows that exist in both sides will be updated on the target database to match the source.
  • Insert. All rows that exist only on the source database but not on the target will be inserted on the target database.
  • Delete. All the rows that exist only on the target database but not on the source will be deleted from the target database.

In case you do not wish to delete the rows that only exist on the target database you can change the comparison options so that those rows are not included in the synchronization.


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