IDERA SQL Data Compare displays the data synchronization script on a new window within the comparison session tab. The new window name includes the [server].[database] for which the script was generated.

If the data synchronization script exceeds 32MB, IDERA SQL Data Compare displays only the first 32MB-size block of the script in order to preserve the memory. However, if you choose to execute the script, the entire script and not just the first block is executed. If you want to view the whole script, you can save it to a file, and then open the file using a text editor.

A handy context menu allows you to save, copy, print, and add line numbers to the script as well as jump to a certain line in the script.

Here you can review the script to ensure that it is doing what you intend it to do. You may want to start the review from the Synchronization Log so that you can quickly identify the areas of the script that may require a closer look. you can access the synchronization log from the ribbon by clicking View Sync Log or from the action links on the right panel. The synchronization log contains a summary of the actions that you want to perform on the target database.

Other actions include:

  • Refreshing the comparison and regenerating the script. While reviewing the script you may discover that you should have done something different during the preparation phase before running the compare. IDERA SQL Data Compare allows you to change the options at any point during the process and simply click Refresh Result on the ribbon to redo the comparison without having to go through the whole exercise of selecting columns and keys etc. Note however that this refresh action does not affect the synchronization script already generated. To refresh the script window, simply re-generate the script.
  • Opening the script in SSMS. From the script window you can transfer the script directly to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) assuming you have SSMS installed on your machine. Simply right click anywhere on the script, and then click Launch SSMS or click Open in SSMS in the ribbon (under the Synchronize tab).



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