IDERA SQL Data Compare workspace is the storage and the interface for saving and managing SQL Server databases, credentials, comparison sessions and other UI options.

The Workspace window is divided into the following sections:

  • Workspace actions. This section provides links that allow you to create a new workspace, add databases to the current workspace, compare database and view application settings. The New Workspace action resets the current workspace by erasing the comparison history and the registered databases.
  • Registered Databases. Shows the list of servers/databases that have been registered. On mouse over two action links appear for a registered server: Edit allows you to change the connection settings for that server and/or add and remove databases; and Remove un-registers a server (deletes all the server information from the workspace).
  • Comparison History. Lists up to 25 comparison sessions from the most recent one to the oldest one. To re-open a comparison session, simply click it. The two links at the bottom-right of each session allow you to edit a session or delete it. For each session, data compare displays the following information:
    • The left and the right databases included in the session. These are the databases that are compared when you launch the session.
    • The date and time when the session was created
    • The session execution count, which indicates the number of times to session has been opened. A new sort order, under the application settings, allows you to arrange the sessions in the workspace by execution count, so that the ones that you use the most are always at the top. You can also change the execution count by editing the session.

Saving and Loading Workspaces

Data Compare workspace stores the data in a set of xml files. There is always one master file that keeps SQL Server databases and credentials, and a separate xml file for each comparison session. The workspace is saved by default in a subfolder under the common folder for application data that is used by all users. It is usually found under \ProgramData\Idera\SQL comparison toolset\DataCompare\Workspace.

The workspace is managed automatically, so no action is required to save it or load it. However, if you wish to have multiple copies of the workspace, you can save it to a custom path. Functions for saving and loading the workspace are located in the quick menu of the application button:



When you choose to save the workspace in a custom location, you specify the path and the name of the workspace master file. The session files will be saved in the same directory as the master file, but their names will be auto-generated. Similarly, when you load a workspace from a custom location, you select the workspace master file. Data Compare expects the session files to be in the same folder as the workspace master file.



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