Application settings allow you to tweak the behavior of IDERA SQL Schema Compare. It can be accessed from the drop-down menu off of the top-left corner product icon or from the link at the bottom-left corner on the Workspace tab.

Application level settings are grouped into the General, UI Preferences, and Workspace tabs.


  • Connection Settings. Generally, there is no need to change the connection settings, however, in certain scenarios you might need to adjust those values. From the application settings window you can set the Connection Timeout, Query Timeout, Network Protocol, and Network Packet Size.
  • Log Setting. Indicates the location where the IDERA SQL Schema Compare log files are saved.

UI Preferences

  • Comparison Grid. Allow you to adjust the behavior of the comparison results grid based on your preferences.
  • Script Differences. Allow you to change the highlight color for the script differences as well as determine how the default constraints are scripted. The way the default constraints are scripted has no bearing on the comparison results or on the synchronization script, the only difference is on where you see those constraints scripted. By embedding the default constraints in the table script it is easier to see why two columns might be marked as different. If the default constraints are scripted separately then you might see two seemingly identical columns marked as different and you will need to scroll down below the table script to see what is different.


Contains settings related to the workspace and comparison sessions.

  • Sessions
    • Save sessions. By default is checked. It instructs the IDERA SQL Schema Compare to save comparison sessions for future use. A saved session contains all the necessary information so that you can rerun the comparison with one click. Saved sessions appear on the main panel of the Workspace tab. 
    • Max sessions kept in history. By default IDERA SQL Schema Compare keeps the last 25 sessions. Although there is no noticeable performance difference on application launch related to the number of sessions stored you may choose to set this parameter to a lower number. Allowable values are 1 to 25. 
    • Sort sessions by: change the order in which the stored sessions appear in the Workspace tab.
  • Layout
    • Allows you to custom session coloring. You can select from built-in color schemas or pick custom colors.

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