The Table Settings step allows you to customize various table settings. You can change all or some of the following settings:

  • The key that should be used to compare the data between tables. This is useful when a table has no primary key or other unique indexes in SQL Server.
  • A where clause that should be used to filter the table data.
  • Columns that should be excluded from the comparison.

The following fragment is the xml generated when some tables settings are changed:

  <!--**** ********************** ****-->
  <!--**** custom tables ****-->
  <!--**** HumanResources.Employee ****-->
  <Pair Action="Include">
    <LeftObject Schema="HumanResources" Name="Employee">
      <Key Name="410c760f-c11a-47b6-a400-924eb70f7f2a">
    <RightObject Schema="HumanResources" Name="Employee">
      <Key Name="605242e3-ccfa-449e-ad12-5b9c59df0780">
    <Columns Action="Exclude">
<!--**** ********************** ****-->

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