The Excluded Views step allows you to exclude database views by name.

The wizard steps related to views are disabled by default. To enable them, check the comparison option Compare and synchronize views.

The following fragment is the xml generated when specific views are excluded by name:

  <!--**** excluded views ****-->
  <Pair Action="Exclude">
    <LeftObject Schema="HumanResources" Name="vEmployee" />
    <RightObject Schema="HumanResources" Name="vEmployee" />
  <Pair Action="Exclude">
    <LeftObject Schema="HumanResources" Name="vEmployeeDepartment" />
    <RightObject Schema="HumanResources" Name="vEmployeeDepartment" />
  <Pair Action="Exclude">
    <LeftObject Schema="Sales" Name="vSalesPerson" />
    <RightObject Schema="Sales" Name="vSalesPerson" />

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