The Excluded Objects step allows you to exclude various database objects by name.

The following fragment is the xml generated when a few objects have been excluded from the comparison by name:

  <Object Type="Table" Schema="HumanResources" Name="Employee" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="Table" Schema="HumanResources" Name="EmployeeAddress" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="Table" Schema="Sales" Name="Customer" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="Table" Schema="Sales" Name="CustomerAddress" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="Table" Schema="Sales" Name="SalesOrderDetail" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="View" Schema="HumanResources" Name="vEmployee" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="View" Schema="HumanResources" Name="vEmployeeDepartment" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="StoredProcedure" Schema="dbo" Name="uspLogError" Include="false" />
  <Object Type="StoredProcedure" Schema="dbo" Name="uspPrintError" Include="false" />

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