The Object Types step allows you to include or exclude SQL Server objects by type.

Below is an example of the xml fragment generated when some object types are excluded from the comparison:

  <ObjectType Type="UserDefinedDataType" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="ClrDataType" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="UserDefinedTableType" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="XmlSchemaCollection" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="DatabaseRole" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="User" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="Schema" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="PartitionFunction" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="PartitionScheme" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="SecurityPolicy" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="ColumnMasterKey" Include="false" />
  <ObjectType Type="ColumnEncryptionKey" Include="false" />

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