Idera SQL Schema Compare allows you to compare and synchronize database filegroups including the filegroup data files. Database log files are not supported.

Comparing filegroups is similar to other database objects. You start by selecting the Filegroups option in the Comparison Options Database Objects window:

When the filegroup option is selected, a filegroup category appears in the comparison grid. The plus sign adjacent to the filegroup allows you to view the data files associated with the filegroup.

When you choose to synchronize the database filegroups, it is important to remember that the path of the physical file mapped to the data files must exist on the target system. If this is not the case, you can change the path and filename of the data file in the comparison grid as follows:

  • Expand the filegroup that you wish to change
  • In the data file section of the comparison grid, enter the new filename in the Filename column

You can also exclude filegroups or specific data files, similar to other database objects. Excluded items will not be synchronized.

The following restrictions apply to filegroup synchronization:

  • Filegroups can only be added to the database. They cannot be altered or removed.
  • Data files are only added to the new filegroups. Data files on existing filegroups are not modified.
  • SQL Server does not support transactional execution of DDL statements for filegroups or data files, which means that changes to the filegroup structure cannot be rolled back.

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