The data synchronization script will be displayed on a new window within the comparison sessions tab. The new window is named with the [server].[database] for which the script was generated and it contains two sub-tabs. The Synchronization Script tab contains the actual script whereas the Synchronization Log tab contains a summary of the actions that will be performed on the target database.

Warnings section

It in important that you pay special attention to the warnings displayed at the top section of the synchronization script window. When the synchronization requires dropping objects such as columns or tables that may contain data or in situations when the synchronization has to be performed through an intermediary table IDERA SQL Schema Compare will display a warning indicating the potential risk that such action carries.

Both the ribbon and context menu allow you to open the script in SSMS, save the script, copy, print, or jump to a certain line in the script.

Note that if you go back to the comparison results tab and redo the comparison the corresponding synchronization script may be out of sync as the script is not automatically re-generated. To refresh the script, click generate the script... on the Comparison Results tab.

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