SQL Diagnostic Manager offers numerous alerts to successfully monitor and warn you about your SQL Server instances and availability groups. Proper configuration is key to making sure you receive alerts only on those metrics that actually fall outside the typical performance of your environment. SQL Diagnostic Manager includes the following metric alerts for your use:

The alerts are listed by default Ranks and categories. The default Ranks are classified as follows:

  • Rank 10 = Service High
  • Rank 20 = Resource High
  • Rank 30 = Database High
  • Rank 40 = Process High
  • Rank 50 = Service Low
  • Rank 60 = Resource Low
  • Rank 70 = Database Low
  • Rank 80 = Process Low
  • Rank 90 =Other

Category: Backup

Category: Databases

Category: DBaaS

Category: Logs

Category: Operational

Category: Queries

Category: Resources

Category: Services

Category: Sessions

Category: Virtualization

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics for SQL Server.
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