Use the Full-Text Search to monitor and diagnose problems with the SQL Server Full-Text Search service. The view is composed of a single list that displays information about each Full-Text catalog maintained on a monitored SQL Server. You can view Catalog details by selecting a Full-Text Catalog from the list.

The Full-Text Search view lists all the full-text search catalogs that are hosted on the SQL Server instance as well as their statuses. You can also start or stop the Full-Text Search service, optimize or rebuild the catalogs.

For each catalog listed, the database, status, size, and last population date is listed. In addition, selecting any catalog from the list populates the Catalog Details section. This section includes information on the tables, rows, columns, catalogs, language, and column data types included in the Full-Text search.

Access the Full-Text Search view

To open the Full-Text Search view of the SQL Diagnostic Manager Services tab, select the appropriate SQL Server instance, click Services, and select Full-Text Search.

Optimize or Rebuild my Full-Text Catalog


When you select the Optimize button, SQL Server optimizes the space utilization of the catalog and improve query performance as well as the accuracy of relevance rankings of search results.


When you select the Rebuild button, SQL Server repopulates the full-text search index.

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